About our group!

Welcome to our site and thanks for taking the time to read a little about us 🙂 Created to keep things organized, this wordpress blog will track our weekly progress until the real mccoy is up and running!!!
Full details of the project can be found on the blog but for now let us introduce ourselves…

Luan Vickery

Originally from Newcastle – UK but living in Ireland on and off for 10 years! I then left Galway to head to Dublin to study!
In my spare weeks I’m never happier than when taking myself and trusty camera on backpacking missions to random corners of the world:-)I love the course and eventually hope to work in motion graphics, print design, photography or film editing! A bit of each would be handier still…

Marta Tubek

I came to Ireland to start me degree and have an adventure. Since my childhood I have been passionate about art and modern technology.

Creative Digital Media Course in ITB seemed to link this two fields together perfectly.

Now I am trying to develop my skills during this course and I hope that experience I gain in the near future help me choose a correct path for my carrier.

In our group project I was responsible for creating visuals, animations and coding. I also did a lot of research , which helped us to find the most important keystones of history of Astronomy.


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